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Top 10 Cloud Banking Solution Providers 2017

Cloud technology is redefining the relationship between enterprises and their customers, as it enables a customer-centric experience, unlike traditional methods that stop at customer engagement. However, the financial industry is yet to tap the potential of cloud computing, due to its security limitations and regulatory concerns. As more and more compliance mandates like the PCI DSS and FISMA spring up each passing day to govern the security of data on the cloud, awareness is created in the financial sector and many institutions have already begun moving toward large-scale system upgrades.

Putting quick and ubiquitous information access above everything, cloud banking has evolved to help end consumers and banking departments alike, with several processes that include on-the-go banking, new customer acquisitions, secure transactions, and also backend operations like real-time analytics. The cloud banking paradigm has inspired technology providers to step up to the plate and architect newfangled solutions for banks that utilize the power of cloud computing for storage, scalability, and agility. These solutions when coupled with technologies like open APIs, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and advanced analytics, offer banks an advantage over competitors in the vastly fluctuating market.

In an effort to help banks choose the right cloud solution, a distinguished panel comprising CFOs, CIOs, CEOs, and analysts along with the Banking CIO Outlook editorial board, has reviewed several companies that exhibit a proven record of expertise in assisting enterprises with cloud-based banking solutions. The companies featured in this issue have showcased their flair and extensive knowledge in the banking arena, through their secure and cost-effective cloud solutions that offer greater agility.

We present to you Banking CIO Outlook’s Top 10 Cloud Banking Solution Providers 2017.

Company Logo Company Name Company Description
Automated Financial Systems, Inc Transforming commercial lending capabilities through flexible cloud-based solutions that boost value and revenue for banks
Avoka Provider of cloud based digital sales solutions and services
Breezy Secure, cloud-based print management software, delivered through a highly flexible microservices architecture
Earnix Offers integrated customer analytics software empowering financial services companies through data science and predictive analytics
HID Global Corporation Banking solutions to secure facilities and ATMs, sensitive customer data, and safeguard online transactions
nCino nCino Bank Operating System is a cloud-based solution for comprehensive management of banking operations
NICE Actimize Software solutions that enable crime compliance for mid-sized organizations to improve customer experience and business results
One Touch Tech Solutions Renders solutions to build, maintain, and support business critical applications for enterprise clients
Risk Focus Risk Focus delivers cloud-enabled trading and risk solutions to banks, financial services, and global capital markets
Temenos Provider of banking software systems to retail, corporate, universal, private, Islamic, and microfinances